The course is closed (for the season?)

It is a shame that the city of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden wants to destroy the park but we still have little hope that the construction plans are delayed or a stopped.

We are now closing the course but hope to open again next year with an 18-hole course in the part of the park that will not be destroyed by the first stage of the cemetery. We are now having a dialogue about this with the city of Stockholm and will also try to get the whole area west of the park so we can build a 27-hole course. We also hope that the construction of the cemetery can be delayed or stopped completely. We also started talking a little with Järfälla muncipality about an area 2km west of Järva DGP. Close to Welcome hotel for a long term solution when/if the cemetery takes over the entire park. The area is big and nice but a lot of work is needed. We have no idea if Järfälla muicipality is interested, but we are working on it.

A conceivable solution for 2020?