Järva DiscGolfPark
Akallalänken 10
164 74 KISTA

Shop: +4672 4518519
Mats: +46707 165539

Find Järva DiscGolfPark. The underground blue line no.10 from Stockholm T-central to the terminus Hjulsta takes about 20 minutes to go. From Hjulsta station is a walk of 10 minutes to the course. Bus 517 goes from Spångavägen station and from Kista Centrum. – Järva DiscGolfPark on map

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We recommend the visitors from afar to stay at Welcome hotel when you visit us. Welcome hotel is a very affordable and pleasant hotel only a 20 minute walk from Järva DiscGolfPark (2,1km).

Disc golfers get the rooms at discounted rates. To get the discount disc golfers should book the room via email or by phone and mention that you’re staying at the hotel to play disc golf at Järva DGP. (Don’t use the booking system on their website since you won’t get the discounted rate.)

Welcome hotel contact info:
Phone: +46 8-621 61 00